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Sacramento Bee: Details of State Budget trigger cuts

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December 13, 2011
Details of Jerry Brown's trigger cuts
by Kevin Yamamura
2:10 PM 9:03 PM
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Gov. Jerry Brown announced today that California will impose $980 million in mid-year trigger cuts to a variety of public programs. That comes after Brown's Department of Finance determined the state will fall $2.2 billion short of its optimistic summer revenue forecast.

For a more detailed explanation of how some cuts will be felt, check out our Monday story.

The official cuts list is as follows:

Effective Jan. 1, 2012:

-- Reduce vertical prosecution grants, which allow county prosecutors and investigators to remain involved as cases work through the judicial system. Savings: $14.6 million

-- Extend Medi-Cal cuts and copays to managed care plans. Savings: $8.6 million

-- Undefined cut to Department of Developmental Services. Savings: $100 million

-- Reduce In-Home Supportive Services hours by 20 percent, eliminate local anti-fraud funding. (A federal judge has temporarily blocked the service hours cut.) Assumed savings: $101.5 million

-- Undefined cut to Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Savings: $20 million
-- Reduction in state-subsidized child care. Savings: $23 million

-- Elimination of school bus service funding. (K-12 districts say this will likely result in cuts elsewhere so federally mandated bus services can continue.) Savings: $248 million

-- Eliminate state grants to local libraries. Savings: $15.9 million

-- Undefined cut to University of California. Savings: $100 million

-- Undefined cut to California State University. Savings: $100 million

-- Reduction to California Community Colleges. (Will result in $10/unit fee hike starting in the summer 2012 term.) Savings: $102 million

-- Charge counties $125,000 for housing juvenile offenders. Savings $67.7 million

Effective Feb. 1, 2012:
-- Cut general funding to K-12 schools. Savings: $79.6 million

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