Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Los Angeles Times: Pet ferret activists try again and again to overturn ban

California ferret activists push to overturn ban on ownership

by Tony Perry in San Diego
Los Angeles Times

Ferrets. Photo Credit: Associated Press

Despite years of failure in their campaign, ferret lovers hope 2012 is the year that California legalizes their favorite animal.

A pro-ferret group is hunting for a legislative sponsor for its bill to overturn the state's ban on ferret ownership. California bans ferrets as a menace to agriculture, a position that ferret activists vigorously dispute.

A party at which volunteers will address information packets to state legislators is set for Thursday night at the La Mesa home of ferret activist Patrick Wright of www.LegalizeFerrets.org.

Wright is also recruiting ferret owners to testify on the matter at a Feb. 2 meeting of the state Fish and Game Commission in Sacramento.

"I don't want insults or sarcasm used. Just, 'Hey, I'm a Californian, and this issue is important to me,'" Wright suggested in the group's current newsletter.

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