Some union leaders are blasting a bill introduced in Sacramento that would base teacher layoffs on performance rather than seniority.  
State Sen. Bob Huff, R-Walnut, proposed the bill to give school districts more flexibility to retain top educators.
Senate Bill 355 also mandates that school districts establish a rigorous and fair evaluation system based partly on student test scores for teachers as well as principals.
"Teachers have the power to change lives," said Huff, who represents Chino and Chino Hills. "Everyone has a story about a favorite teacher that inspired a hunger to learn like a spark ignites a fire. It's in the state Legislature's best interests to give school districts the flexibility they need to retain the teachers that best serve students."
Layoffs, transfers, assignments, reassignments and reappointments are currently based on seniority.
Redlands Teachers Association President Maria Clark said her group has not taken a stance on the proposed legislation.
But she also said seniority does not keep subpar teachers in the classroom, as Huff says.
"Seniority doesn't protect poor teachers," Clark said. "Permanent status means that once a teacher reaches permanency, if there are concerns about their performance, there's a process the district has to go through to fire them.

"They are entitled to due process. It really mandates that management do their job in evaluating teachers and making sure they are meeting the performance standards."