Monday, March 14, 2011

The Traditional Make-up of the Governor's Cabinet

Historically, the Governor's Cabinet includes his chief of staff, cabinet secretary and the secretaries and heads of these agencies (but see the note below about Governor Brown's Cabinet as it is still being fully formed):

• Business, Transportation and Housing
• Chief Information Officer
• Corrections and Rehabilitation
• Education
• Emergency Management
• Environmental Protection
• Finance
• Food and Agriculture
• Health and Human Services
• Inspector General (Governor's Office)
• Inspector General (Office of the Inspector General)
• Labor and Workforce Development
• Military
• Natural Resources
• Personnel Administration
• Planning and Research
• Service and Volunteering
• State and Consumer Services
• Veterans Affairs

However - note that Governor Brown is making adjustments to this traditional alignment and his final cabinet might not be an exact replica of this model.  This is a traditional model, but this specific example was the alignment of the cabinet of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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