Friday, June 3, 2011

CalBuzz Blog on California's Dysfunctional Voters

CalBuzz Blog

Bottom line on the new PPIC poll: The most dysfunctional element of California’s dysfunctional government remains its dysfunctional voters.

As we keeping carping and caterwauling, the  You Can Have It All economic mythology, famously propounded by Ronald Reagan, so continues to beguile and enchant state voters that stubborn things like facts and reason just melt away:

As much as politicians, government geeks and bureaucrats — not to mention “the media” –  get blamed, deservedly, for the mess the state is in, there stands a mountain of evidence showing that the polarized partisan gridlock in Sacramento perfectly reflects the sentiments of the electorate.
The plain fact is that California’s litany of problems is underpinned by an everything-for-nothing ethic among voters that is both conflicted and contradictory.

This just in:

1-Nearly two-thirds of voters favor Krusty’s budget proposal; over half oppose what’s actually in the proposal.

2-Seven in 10 Californians say they’re willing to pay higher taxes to support K-12 education; big majorities oppose higher taxes.

3-Three of four voters really like the initiative system; 8 in 10 say it should be changed.

With his usual, hyperbolic language, PPIC polltaker Mark Baldassare offers this over-the-top opining:
Californians have favorable views of the governor’s revised budget plan and his special election ideas. Yet the fact that fewer than half support his tax and fee package raises questions about the outcome if the voters have their say.

Kudos to Walters and Myers, the only guys who got the lede right, as Big John ekes out Big Bad Dan in the Little Pulitzer competition, thanks to his way awesome hed: “Let us vote, watch us say no.”

Read the full CalBuzz blogpost here with more funny pictures!

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